Dr.Web Light for Android

Dr. Web includes an anti-spam function. Installing it on your mobile device, you get a lot of opportunities for flexible filtering calls and SMS, as well as widgets for the desktop. The program does not affect the performance of the operating system and, very importantly, does not reduce the battery life.

Constant anti-virus protection. Scan the file system in real time is carried out using the file monitor SpIDer Guard. It scans all files as they are saved in the memory of the mobile device, thereby protecting the system against security threats.

Checking at the user’s request. She is anti – scanner. Dr. Web allows you to perform quick or full scan of the file system, and check individual files and folders.Neutralization of threats. The filtering mode. Edit blacklist. The black list can be added to the calls and messages with which you want to block. Creating filters. Dr. Web allows you to create user profiles for filtering calls and messages. View blocked calls and messages. Download antivirus Dr. web for Android you can on the link below.

With a scanner antivirus Dr. Web light can make the following checks:

  • quick – in this case will be checked installed applications;
  • full-all files are scanned;
  • sample – verification of system components specified by the user.

All detected threats can be deleted or moved to quarantine. In quarantine about each virus has detailed information You can see and choose one of two actions – to-remove malware.

Dr. Web keeps detailed statistics, which reflects the number of files scanned, threats detected and neutralized viruses and displays a list of actions performed by the user in the program.

Constant anti-virus protection is provided by enabling “SpIDer Guard”. It monitors and stable protection of the entire system.

As with any antivirus, you need to update the virus database to protect your data against new viruses.

Features Dr. Web Light

  • Quick, full and custom scan system for viruses.
  • Enabling and disabling monitoring – SpIDer Guard.
  • Doctor Web Lite is a completely free antivirus for Android.
  • Free virus database updates.
  • Quarantine for safe storage of malware.
  • Statistics files scanned and committed action by the user.

To protect your smartphone from a variety of threats that can harm Your files, you must download the Dr.Web Light for Android

Dr.Web Light for Android


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