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The heroes of this race are somewhat similar to the boys from the movie South Park, their head is as round and disproportionate with the outside world, but this does not prevent them to drive cars on the arranging of high-speed racing! Should be happy, because today we can participate in these races.

The race will unfold on the classic story – there are stages, there are some opponents, the goal is to arrive first. Start the machine as usual will be the most cheap and slow, so I have to try hard, it is theoretically possible, but in these races have the ability to tip the luck on their side playing dirty.

Not difficult to guess, this is not a simulator, this arcade game with elements of action, so that freeze opponents, throw them under the wheels of the tires, and RAM them just so happens to break through to the finish in the forefront. Damages are not provided here, but if you got off the track, you lose speed and have to accelerate again, which greatly impairs the result.

In the game you will be offered two dozen different trails scattered throughout the world, in America, England, Australia and many other places, but they share one thing – they are complicated and with sharp turns, so one side will be difficult to go, on the other hand will be more opportunities to do stuff rivals.

But scored several victories you will be able to spend the money on upgrading the car, it’s a bit will make your life easier and give new strength for new achievements. And then there are weather conditions that have to be considered, in the rain will be more difficult to go and this is good, because such changes in the behavior of the car is a rarity especially for arcade racing.

But all is not perfect as it seems.
The game MiniDrivers there is a distinct lack around which it is a party just will not work. For example graphics, I’ve seen a lot of games with graphics not the best quality, but here it somehow catches the eye, the problem is rather in the models are poorly smoothed out and we see the angularity and pixels.

The game has a donut that phenomenon, though familiar, but still negative. Finally, the office, it took a few species of your choice, but was unable to do even one which would have been convenient.

Summary: if the correct schedule, and it’s annoying normal control will be just great, until the game is loosely receives four with less fat, not more.

Download MiniDrivers for Android


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