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Dungeon Crawl is a component of almost every role-playing game, at least on the PC, at least on mobile platforms. The essence of the game mechanics is similar to the following: ruby monsters, collect loot, prokachivaya and let me get a new one.

Dungeon each player role-playing game definitely met more than once. In some games they were varied, in some almost identical. In any case, this process of getting loot (items) initially either like or don’t like at all. Game for Android called Finder”s Keep will tell you the story about the brave heroes who went to the mysterious tower in search of the treasures of a very old magician, who is trapped somewhere at the top of this tower.

Your path will be very difficult, but the treasures that lie ahead, just have to cover the moral damage that you get by destroying hordes of monsters. This game perfectly combines the game mechanics of the dungeons, stylish graphics and simple controls.
Gameplay and control:

The essence of the game is banal and simple: we need to clear out the dungeon, collect the keys from a mysterious chests, get a lot of loot, level up and try to get to the top of the tower. The game begins with the fact that you need to choose a character for which to play, and then will begin training. The main screen consists of 4 tabs:
1. Tavern – there you will find news on events, messages from anyone, and will be able to go into settings to connect to Google Play Games, change the volume of music and sound effects.
2. Armory – section, in which you often will go, because here is the forge in which you will have to modify weapons and armor, to be able to pump them further and view your Arsenal. In the Arsenal you can destroy objects to get the gems that are needed for leveling, and will be able to put new weapons and armor.
3. Market – section, in which you will all go less often, because everything can be bought for gems that are earned very, very difficult.
4. Tower – games area, where you choose the type of tower you want to go. There are only 4: Adventure, Special, Heroic and Arena. The last two open at once, the second tower is the events from the developers, who would rather not go without proper preparation, because to put a face and name will not be asked. The first tower is perfect for leveling. At each entrance to the tower you have to pay a certain amount of action points, which, by itself, over time, be restored.
Your task in the dungeon is to explore the entire room, destroy all monsters and collect all loot. Simple and clear. The control is performed by simple taps on the buttons, all beautifully told.
Graphics and soundtrack:

The game looks very, very stylish, any special effects and cool animations you will not see here, but the atmosphere of the dungeons very well communicated.

The soundtrack and sound effects are above all praise. To summarize: if you love to clean up the dungeon, I love to collect loot and want max to pump your character, then Finder”s Keep is exactly like you. In addition, the game is free and is not very dependent on donation. Enjoy the game!

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