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Not even going to list all of scrolling shooters that I have overlooked on our website, I can only say that they were very much very, very much! Of course among them were the games are completely different format, ranging from failure with terrible graphics and a great ending with a cool modern graphics and even plot.

What can you say about the game Crazy Air Battle compared to others?
It’s somewhere in the middle… honestly, nothing outstanding, but negativity I also not found, so it is perfectly suited to many fans of this genre.

As part of the gameplay and peculiarities of this game too, no surprise, still need to fly up and shoot everyone who gets caught. Enemies will be many, will also have to shoot a lot, but you will have a lot of weapons, so that one complements the other.

As usual, you need to Dodge the shots, from a collision with them and fight with bosses waiting at the end of each stage. Earning experience at the next level, you can spend it on improving his plane, and then again to go into battle, that’s the whole and all 😉

The advantages and features of the game Crazy Air Battle:

  • classic gameplay without problems
  • graphics average which is perfect for low-end devices
  • aircraft models with an application to reality
  • a lot of different weapons and explosions
  • the game is addictive in its simplicity
  • you can download it for free, donation, there is only advertisements, but it does not hinder

What’s not to like in the game Crazy Air Battle:

  • no music… hard of hearing explosions.
  • permanent labels in place of perdition enemies at least prevent

Summary: overall this is a decent and quite an interesting project, of course with the best representatives of the genre not to compete, but he free and no donation, so I do not see much sense to complain about, the game is quite suitable to cover the need in a classic scrolling shooters not fussy for many Android owners.

Download Crazy Air Battle


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