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And that’s true! Finally something new and unusual in the genre of “Runner”. Game for Android Corridor Z offers a new experience from the game, in addition with excellent graphics and sophisticated gameplay. But all in good time…
Gameplay and control:

Let’s start with the game mechanics. It really is not like other runners, although the fact that you can shoot from his pursuers, but also create obstacles for them, heaping various debris. If in other similar launchers you just ran forward and had to Dodge the oncoming obstacles, now you create them yourself for the zombies that are chasing after you. The feel of the game very different and believe me – you will have to get used to everything.

Now about the gameplay. You have three playable characters, who are trapped in a school with a huge number of zombies. You need to bring each of the characters from school, but you have to perform certain missions to advance. The first character is the player of the school football team named Logan, the second character is a cheerleader named Megan who also wants to escape, the third character is a Sergeant with the U.S. Navy Williams, who was trapped along with a guy and a girl.

Some characteristics they do not differ, but will have to play for each of them. While running, you will need to bring down barriers, and to do this, make a gesture in the direction of the obstacles to unleash it. Also pay attention to the signs, because at this point you need to make a gesture in the appropriate direction so that the main character didn’t hit the wall. Also don’t forget to pick up weapons to destroy the zombies.

And yet, if you will just run and not crash barriers, thread not so long since the zombies will catch up with you. Control based on gestures and simple touches, the first level will be learning.
Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game is very pleased, perfectly captured the atmosphere of the zombie Apocalypse, smooth animation and sound effects, with no problems with the optimization. The soundtrack and sound effects are great, and perfectly complement the atmosphere.

To summarize: Corridor Z is a new sensation from the tired genre of “Runner”, so don’t miss the game and would rather help the main characters to survive the local zombie Apocalypse. You can download it for free, Donat does not affect gaming experience. Enjoy the game!

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