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A mixture of genres of RPG and 3 in a row is not something new or original, but bring this mixture in a good project, not everyone is a developer. But, surprisingly, the developers of Yodo1 Games managed to do without any problems.

You have to “try on” the role of the leader of a Stone age tribe and gather together all the inhabitants, who were scattered all over the island. If you are ready for the challenge, love beautiful graphics and more like games of the genre “3 in a row”, then safely and happily install the game for Android called Cavemania.

Gameplay and control:

In the game you expect and more than 100 on each of them you will have to fulfill some conditions. The first levels will need to win a toy monsters, and collect a certain amount of supplies. Then, when you’ll have found a new type of units (soldiers), then you only have to collect food to place on the playing field warriors, who will assist in the destruction of various kinds of animals: dinosaurs, rats, and other horrible creatures that will gladly tear to pieces all and not even choke. Favorite games from the classic of the genre “3 in a row”, i.e. elements can be moved vertically or horizontally, and to get the supplies you need to collect 3 or more identical items in a row.

When connecting more than three items, you will get power crystals, which can activate the special abilities of your units. For example, the leader is a blow from the shoulder, which causes double damage than a normal hit (the other units – other special abilities). For completing the level you get from 1 to 3 stars, and they need to collect as much as possible, because to move on to the next episode, you need to collect a certain number of stars.

Also for the gold you will be able to improve the parameters of their units, making them more strong and sturdy. Control, still, based on gestures, below new or complex. To activate special abilities, first click on your own unit, and then the enemy want to attack.
Graphics and soundtrack:

As with the previous projects of the developer, and this game is made in a beautiful and stylish concept LowPoly. Everything looks just wonderful: smooth, detailed animation, colorful special effects and no problems with optimization. The soundtrack and sound effects deserve only the highest score.

To summarize: Cavemania is a noteworthy mix of RPG and 3 in a row that captures from the first minutes of the game and does not let go until you have discharged the battery on the device. Download the game for absolutely free, in-app purchases, though available, but don’t spoil the game balance. Enjoy the game!

Download Cavemania


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