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If any of you ever watched the loading or unloading large containers (most often in the port), then you know that business is very difficult, long and any mistake can lead to dire consequences, ranging from damage to cargo and ending even victims.

The reason is that the containers are huge and heavy, and because they accumulate a lot has to do wonders to put them all in place and no mistakes. In this game, you just execute the role of who these containers folds, and will have to try hard, believe me!

The gameplay is pretty simple to understand and somewhat reminiscent of Tetris, much like Tetris… you will be the platform for some reason, she is in the water, on both sides it is surrounded by (and possibly four, but the game is 2D), yet you have a crane which for some reason is not able to drop down to the platform, and his extreme position is quite high up, and finally you have a number of paged items, including rectangular containers of different colors, square boxes and cars…

Not difficult to guess that all of this will have to throw on the platform, and so that nothing fell into the water. The process seems simple, but is much more complicated lousy behavior crane up there, so very difficult to aim and there is no time for that, at the level given time, and little time, so you have to throw haphazardly, in the hope that down somehow calm down. No other features in the gameplay here is not present.

In addition, the game Cargo Tower awaits you:

  • simple gameplay, challenging levels
  • many combinations of items
  • at subsequent levels will be added drums and pipes
  • there are power-UPS
  • the game is free, no donation and advertising which does not interfere

Outcome: not specifically mentioned disadvantages because on the technical side of their really not, from a gameplay perspective is also not particularly noticed, it’s like find fault with the game, say that the graphics are still square… in General simulator game is difficult to call, but have a little fun she is perfect, so look – maybe you’ll like it.

Download Cargo Tower for android


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