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The game’s plot Captain Rocket, as the game itself, is quite simple – our hero climbed to the enemy base located on the island and stole secret documents, but now he has the hardest to get out of here! He can not swim, plus in his side flies a huge number of missiles, but they will help to get out of this situation.


Gameplay the game is a bit like a celebrity similar genres – Flappy Birds, especially if you pay attention to how difficult it would be to play. Your task is to jump from rocket to rocket, without falling into the water and trying to make it so that the rocket did not hit you.

Control of the game insanely easy, there are only two buttons, so by jumping on one of them, you immediately need to jump and get to another… lesson very, very challenging!
If your nerves will stand and you will not break your device in the first five minutes, most likely, the game will remain with you for a long time and hours, or even days of gameplay you provided.
A special variety of the gameplay is no different, however, some missiles fly much faster than others, don’t even try to jump on them, most likely it will be a disastrous idea.

Game Captain Rocket was very honest from the side of the developer Ketchapp, because they offer us to buy it, you can download it for free, do not offer any donation, it’s just not here, all that can be distracting – it’s an advertisement, which will be located in the bottom of the screen and not interfere. The most important thing you need in this case – strong nerves and desire, because this project is made in the best traditions of hardcore, download and see – the game is very difficult!

The design of the game Captain Rocket.
The game is designed, like any other project developers, quite simply, in modern style, 8-bit, but despite the simplicity, the picture is very nice, the animation is gorgeous, the mechanics are excellent and you quickly get used to it without experiencing discomfort.

Bottom line: a great game if you don’t have the hassle, because if you take the example of the success of Flappy Birds, it is its complexity and simple design and they captured a huge army of fans, will see what happens this time.


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