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As any runner, the game Disk Revolution of the plot, but has a fairly objective name, much talking about the game. “Disk” tells us that we have to get the disk that is true and “Revolution” alludes to the fact that the action will take place somewhere far in the future, what is unknown, but the location is action-Packed and filled with light neon, so that argument is not necessary. Chase will have as usual through the endless caves are filled with lots of items created to hinder you, so alertness, reaction and a little luck is all you need.

The policy of monetizing the developers were quite humane, they released two versions of the game, one is completely free and without donation, but she’s very pretty and will give you a full range of capabilities, but it’s perfect to play and especially to understand whether you like this game or not, and the second version, the volume is full of opportunities, donation still no advertising either, the price of about three dollars, which, frankly, is not too small for even good, but still the most common runner.

The gameplay Disk Revolution is a bit surprised, at least not offering the standard solution for Rahner. First, it’s pretty simple, you roll and turn, and then the camera may have a different view and you’ll be faced with interlocking walls have to reduce speed to avoid crashing early. It seems trivial, but the gameplay varies greatly because of this, I do respect the runner in which there is at least some opportunity to slow down.

Moreover, this complication is not over and will continue to surprise you with new challenges as you go, making the game harder and harder. To protect your disk to earn points, you can buy a shield and improve it, that’s a big help on some levels, where to avoid a rare collision is not possible. Just for the amusement of the disc will overflow with all sorts of neon colors, and in the full version you will be able to paint it to your liking.

Summary: the game Disk Revolution is a great runner that gives us the ability to choose and put it on a level with many of the hits of the genre, the only negative, in addition to having the paid version, I can refer to the graphic component and design in General, which may seem very modest and kind of rude, but I hope that for most of the process is still important.


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