Avast mobile security for Android

Avast Mobile Security
protects your personal data with automatic virus scan and alert on malicious URL links, stops hackers using the built-in firewall. Anti-thief supports remote commands via SMS and allows you to: delete history on your device, lock your phone, activate the siren, track your location using GPS, to perform audio monitoring, and other useful actions.

Closely integrated in Avast Mobile Security anti-theft phone and personal data, Avast Anti-Theft is one of the most effective on the market. Formerly known as Theft Aware, the component has been recommended by leading industry experts: T-Mobile, N-TV, AndroidPIT, and Android Police.

Avast Free Mobile Security is free and provides a number of features that are not available in the leading products. The privacy report, filter SMS and calls, application Manager and remote control help protect your phone free antivirus Avast for Android to take a leading position in the complex protection and complete control over your Android device.
New in version 4.0.7880

1. Fixed problem with installation on older devices
2. Minor fixes
Main features of Avast Mobile Security for Android

• Anti-virus scanner. Antivirus performs on-demand scan installed apps and content of your SD card and scans in real-time during the first run applications. Includes functions for the scheduled scan, a virus database update, uninstalling apps, deleting files, as well as reporting to the lab about Avast false positive detections.

• Privacy – the privacy report. Avast Free Mobile Security system scans and displays access rights set on Android-device applications, identifying potential privacy risks. Thus you will have an idea what information does a particular application.

• Filtering calls and SMS. Filtering calls and text messages from contacts using the set of parameters for filtering: days of the week, start time and end time. Blocked calls are forwarded to voice mail, and blocked messages are stored in the filter log. Avast Free Mobile Security for Android also allows you to block outgoing calls.

• Application management. Like the Windows task Manager shows a list of running applications and their size (MB), CPU load, memory used and the number of threads and services – with the ability to stop and remove processes.

• Web protection. Works based on cloud technology Avast WebRep. Web protection Avast for Android scans each URL that you upload, alerting you if it is malicious. New feature SiteCorrect detects the most typical mistakes when typing URLS and allows you to redirect you to the web site you intended to visit.

• Firewall (requires root access). Firewall for protection against hackers and online threats for mobile phone. Disables access applications to the Internet when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, 3G or roaming.

• Protection from USSD code attacks. Protects against the possibility of using USSD vulnerability, without the need to install additional tools.

• Anti-theft Avast Anti-Theft.

• Backup Avast Mobile Backup.
Main features of Avast Anti-Theft

• Masking applications
After downloading Avast Anti-Theft, the user can choose a different name for the application that no one was able to recognize and remove it.

• Invisible mode
When the functions of the Anti-Thief, hide the app icon in system tray application, working without sound and any traces of the program remains “invisible”, which makes its detection and removal.

• Self-defense
Anti-Theft protects itself from removal, protecting components from different methods of self-defense. Android smartphone with root access can withstand hard reset and even disable the USB port of your phone.

• Saving battery power
Anti-Theft runs and starts working only when it is necessary to perform the tasks. This preserves the battery life of your smartphone and makes it very difficult malicious attempts to turn it off.

• Notification on SIM change
If your phone is stolen and it is inserted in the other (unresolved) SIM card you can lock your phone, turn on the siren, send You a notification (on the remote device) with a new phone number, and to determine the geographical location of Android device.

• The list of allowed SIM card
In Avast Mobile Security you can create a “white list” of approved SIM cards that can be used in the phone, without enable warnings about theft. You can easily edit the list of trusted SIM cards list and leave the inserted SIM card is only permitted for use.

• Remote control
SMS commands or web portal on the Internet allow you to use the following distance function for your lost or stolen Android phone: the sound of a siren, phone lock, displays messages on the screen, locate, delete the contents of the phone memory and SD card, call forwarding, SMS and calls, restart your smartphone and more.

Avast mobile security for Android


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