USB 3.0/3.1 Machine Vision Solutions

USB Length Barrier

In the Machine Vision Industry, more often than not, distance becomes the first obstacle anyone experiences during the camera set up. With the recommended length limit for USB 3.0 A to Micro B cable connection of only 1 meter long, plenty of Machine Vision Industry Integrators shy away from upgrading into USB 3.0 cameras. Considering the speed and quality that USB 3.0 Super Speed can deliver, this is very unfortunate. Luckily, with our research and development, Newnex was able to introduce a variety of different lengths for USB 3.0 Machine Vision Industry, providing connectivity solutions from distance as short as a few inches to a set up that requires up to 300 meters in distance!

Lengths of Connectivity on Newnex Products

We ensure quality by testing each and every product rigorously before we market and ship them out of our warehouse. We also run most of our cables with several different brands of Machine Vision cameras for more than 24 hours error-free to ensure compatibility.

USB3 Vision Compliant

Newnex is one of the key contributors to the mechanical specification for USB3 Vision standard. All Newnex machine vision cables are USB3 Vision compliant.

Newnex' USB3 Vision Compliant Locking Connectors' Measurement Chart

USB 3 Vision Compliant Locking Connectors

Disclaimer: Images shown are for visual representation only. Actual product may vary slightly. Please contact us for more information.

USB 3.0 Passive Cables

For Short Distance Solutions up to 5 Meters

Main Features: Customize it according to your every need for up to 5 meters! Options include: USB3 Vision Compliant Screws, different connectors configuration (angled, straight, long, short, and locking), and even custom configured connectors!

USB 3.0 Active Cables

For Medium Distance Solutions up to 16 Meters

Main Features: Our Active Cables are capable of transmitting full USB 3.0 at 5.0Gbps signals for up to 16 meters. It includes USB3 Vision Standard Locking Screws, completely BUS Powered, full USB 2.0 backward compatibility, and it implements a true Plug and Play technology, requiring no additional drivers for PCs, Macs, and Linux. The FireNEX™-uLINK is RoHS Certified and EMI Shielded.

USB 3.0 Optical Repeater

For Long Distance Solutions up to 300 Meters and 100 Meters with Power Delivery

Main Features:The fiber optical repeater is capable of extending USB 3.0 SuperSpeed signal for up to hundreds of meters. FireNEX™-5000H+ and FireNEX™-10G repeaters are USB3 Vision standard compliant, capable of providing the farthest USB extension solution when needed while maintaining the same reliability as a short length cable.

USB 3.0 Industrial Hub

For More USB3 Vision Compliant Ports

Main Features:The FireNEX™-uHUB features one upstream USB 3.0 B port and four downstream USB 3.0 A ports that all meet the requirements of USB3 Vision standard. In addition to the standard USB 3.0 5V DC power input, it also features a DC power input for voltage between 10V and 40V for industrial use. These new features, plus a durable metal case, wall and DIN rail mount support make the FireNEX™-uHUB ideal for providing secure connections in tough industrial environment and sufficient power for US B 3.0 cameras with sensors that might need additional power.

Custom Design Tool

Can't find what you need? Design Your Own Now

Not only that Newnex has been the leading manufacturer in the USB/ FireWire Products such as USB/FireWire Repeaters, Angled, Locking, and Panel Mount Cables, as well as USB/FireWire Connectors, Newnex also helps OEM and Engineers turn their concept design into reality. Our team of Engineers will overlook the custom design process from concept, all the way to the manufacturing procedure of your custom design cables to ensure that our product is up to your specification and high standard.

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