Speed Cars: Real Racer Need 3D

Increasingly caught the title game which is a terrible lure simply consists of a set of words from the better-known projects.

On the one hand it is extremely frustrating to realize you have honestly from developers, because those same races became very much and typing the word “Asphalt” or “Real Racer”, the extradition will be a great multitude Frank trash which at least the name of trying to look like someone famous…

on the other hand top projects have long captured the market and do not allow to break projects easier or novice, but each with something started, and everyone needs to develop, so the situation goes quite controversial. Anyway…

Why have forgotten how to do a normal race?

If stripped of different Rahner and others, the classic racing on highways or city is not so difficult genre. All you need is a good track, fast cars and a decent selection of both of them with acceptable graphics, and even the graphics are not so important, rather competent physics and make you feel the car, but this is long gone, everywhere something’s wrong…

What’s wrong with the game Speed Cars: Real Racer Need 3D?

The graphics in the game are not remarkable, but the pain in his eyes you will not experience that somewhere, can’t tell what’s wrong. But… only five cars, you see, it is not enough. Model cars could be better but they are what they are, trails are also not very much, only one option and it is worth noting that he’s not the most convenient. The game is free, but it has a donut that will podrachivala the possibility of tuning.

Maybe there’s something good?

In General, Yes, because in spite of a small set of tracks and cars, the game was adequate, without the annoying flaws, with a decent arcade physics and bonuses scattered on the road, making the process somewhat exciting. It is also worth noting that the game is simple and clear, perfect for those who want something to drive without unnecessary mysteries. No donation is possible to do, especially when you consider that to pass such games from cover to cover a few will.

Summary: simple and straightforward race in the format of “arcade”, is perfect for riders without claims and not having the most powerful devices.

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