Flockers for android

The developers of Team17, better known as the creators of the game series Worms, recently pleased Android users another game, but now in the genre of puzzle games. Game for Android called the Flockers and will tell you the story about the sheep.

Who played Worms, those must remember that in the Arsenal of worms were crazy sheep which, in contact with the enemy exploded and tore almost more than half of the map. In this game you will learn the truth and will try to save those poor sheep who are trapped.

In addition to exciting and challenging levels, the game will also be able to surprise you with stunning graphics with excellent optimization, a wide range of levels and very simple, intuitive control.

Gameplay and control:

The essence of each level is as follows: you need to help get the sheep from point A to point B, while avoiding all obstacles, taking the Golden lamb out of the cage. Like all simple, here are just sheep everywhere will be surrounded by a huge circular saws and other terrible traps that were placed seemingly innocuous worms.

To help you are the lambs with his superpowers, which you may also be delegated. One of the first abilities is a magic hat, wearing which the sheep can jump very far and we need to remember this, because if you need to get the sheep went down, then we should think about this before you hitch a magic hat. To complete a level with 3 stars, you need to follow three simple conditions: complete a level, collect Golden sheep and score the minimum number of sheep (one condition), as well as to meet at a set time.

For completing the level will earn not only points, but also wool, which you can spend on buying new sheep (referring to the new look), to use the clues to complete the level, or to skip a level. Control is implemented simply and deal with it will be very easy, thanks largely distinct training. To release the sheep, click on the special source, and if you want to put on a sheep magic hat, then activate the ability, and then click on the sheep to which you want to attach. If you want to stop time, click the clock at the bottom of the screen.
Graphics and soundtrack:

At first glance, the game is very similar to the PC version of the game in terms of graphics, and only a very picky player will begin to consider and compare, what effects are present in the Android version and which are not. Anyway, visually the game looks just fine and there is not the slightest hint of bad optimization.

The soundtrack and sound effects from the PC version, so everything on top. To summarize: Flockers is another wonderful creation from the talented developers from Team17 that will appeal to everyone who loves puzzles and beautiful graphics. This is an excellent game for tablet or smartphone, you can play for a very long time. Enjoy the game!

Flockers for android


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