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Developers of game — Shoot Apps Ltd are already familiar to us on game Fighting Tanks which was not such and popular, here they also decided to deviate from an armored machinery subject, but firing didn’t begin to refuse so the game Cheeky Runaway From Jail can be referred safely to a genre of an arcadian shooter that will please many fans of a lawlessness.

Situation with our prisoner ordinary — the sentence (what doesn’t know), by results of which it got to one of the most gloomy and protected prisons was pronounced. Our hero doesn’t agree with a sentence (happens such) and decides to get out of this place in any available ways which it appears not so much.

Game is broken into levels, the purpose on everyone — to get out of the room, having found a key and having eliminated all security guards or special troops (at the high levels), the weapon you will have a benefit, hope questions on its application won’t arise.

Graphics in game quite decent, but everything is realized in a format volume 2D therefore at the levels you shouldn’t wait for special shifts, various boxes can be used as shelter at firefights, barrels with fuel for powerful explosions of the destroying enemies in a large number and in general everything, a habitual action and no more than that.

Locations will be quite various so will manage to bother hardly, and the wide choice of the weapon and not numerous cunnings help to tighten the game process player.

Features of the game Cheeky Runaway From Jail:

  • good graphics
  • it is a lot of different weapon
  • simple and clear gameplay
  • levels with the increasing complexity
  • opportunity to download and play free of charge

Shortcomings of the game Cheeky Runaway From Jail:

  • management not the most convenient, options to adjust it or to choose another isn’t present
  • there is an advertizing

Result: owing to that that game free and without Donat quantity of claims sharply decreases, but with management it is precisely necessary to do something, to play elementary not conveniently. On the other hand, if you are able to get used to it, receive quite suitable action with a mass of interesting levels.

Download Cheeky Runaway From Jail


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