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The obvious fact that the classic platformer in the style of retro anything new is not worth waiting, but no one bothers to expect a pleasant and exciting gameplay, as well as the usual chips defining old games. Overall in the game Canyon Capers has it all, so his task it copes.

The original of this game was released almost 13 years ago, but thanks to the efforts of the developers of KISS Limited game have a second chance to conquer your hearts. Strong changes, the game is not moved, so the plot as before, all that we know – there is an artifact that can grant the owner of almost limitless power and of course our hero wants to get it. Nothing more is reported, and is it necessary?

As expected, the game is divided into levels, the goal is quite simple – do the job (usually to build something in a particular quantity, then there will be a portal leading to the next level. Apart from the fact that the levels represent some semblance of Labirinto, and the environment here is clearly not friendly snakes, traps and other challenges await at every corner.

The traps will have to get used to the animals can be apriciate top as in Mario, though they will appear again, but when you consider that wander through one level sometimes have, we do not relax if someone won, a small delay and need to fight again. That helps – life which are sometimes scattered on the level, but the time frame here is limited, it is the intention of should greatly speed up the process, but the reality is just complicates it. Anyway, as any retro game, this is quite complex, so you will have something to sweat.

Graphics, management and the drop of negativity.

The design of the whole game itself is a bit improved, but still maintaining the traditions of the past, so that we had the usual 8-bit for Android, looks nice, stocks have not noticed. Control everything turned out great, ordinary more than a convenient and somewhat reminiscent of the joystick from the ancient consoles, plus you can connect any compatible controller, the game is so good omens. The drawback to the game Canyon Capers only one – it is paid, will cost about a dollar and a half, further Donat and the Supplement no.

The result: a perfect example of the revival of the old game, the fans – feel free to jump, you will not regret!

Download Canyon Capers


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